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Summary - a great night out
Review - Knowing beforehand that I had one free night in New York while on tour with my orchestra,(the Rotterdam Philharmonic)I particularly chose this play because of M McDonagh and Christopher Walken's names.Maybe because I do not live in the US, I had a very different experience than the other reviewers I have read here. Firstly, it never crossed my mind that a 1.5 hour sit would put any strain on my bladder(but then, we Europeans don't walk around with water bottles grafted onto our palms). Secondly,the racist banter uttered in the context of this quasi'theater of the absurd' piece refreshingly took the mickey out of the revolting political correctness clouding people's thoughts.Frankly,I laughed a lot and was amazed by Walken's and Anthony Mackie's timing and engaging performances.Also the set is wondrous!One criticism,Zoe Kazan screams a bit too often with too little variation.I wish my son could have seen this play.What a lesson in the creation of dialogue and its delivery.Many thanks.
Source - s tol
Review ID - 1883
Location - Leiden, the Netherlands
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Date Review was Added - 2010-03-05

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