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Summary - Ur ine for a good cause
Review - If you're going to whine about potty breaks or potty mouths, go see Lion King. If, instead, you want Mr. Walken in his finest hour, you should take my seat at the Schoefeld, or perhaps the seat next to Ms Judith Light (front row, center, looking fabulous). She, as well as, Ms Johansson (whom had graciously allowed a personal photo of her beauty on the Ellis Island Ferry earlier that day), and 99.9% of the rest of the audience (including me, a native Chicagoan, who jokes about stalkin' Walken and dreams of dancing with the King of New York) were laughing our asses off with such quick containment in order not to miss the next moment of brilliant writing, impeccable timing and unparalleled acting that we could not have cared less had urine flowed to a collective pool. I've held urine for much longer periods of time, for much less nobler causes. And, audience exit was at an incline, now wasn't it?
Source - Patricia Moore
Review ID - 1874
Location - Cincinnati, OH
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Date Review was Added - 2010-02-17

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