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Summary - Trip over yourself to get to this show!
Review - My friends and I laughed so much I thought we were going to literally fall on the floor, except the seats are too close to do that, so we just supported each other in our merriment. This is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen (and I see a LOT). Carrie has a way to revealing herself in surprising ways that me you smile and chuckle and admire her cleverness, all at the same time. We went with a group of people, ages 23-80 and everyone had a blast. I thought the younger ones might not enjoy it as much, but they did! They talked about it for days. The audience was laughing so much that I went back a second night in order to catch some of the lines I missed. It was so overwhelmingly entertaining that I'll go back a third time. DON'T MISS THIS AWESOME PERFORMANCE by the former Princess Leia and Pez Dispenser (You'll learn about all that at the show).
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