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Summary - Roxie oddly miscast
Review - I have to agree with the previous reviewer from San Diego that Rita Wilson's turn as Roxie was less than exciting. I know today that 40 is the "new 20" and while Rita Wilson is a lovely woman, I thought she was indeed much too old for the role of a young, fame-hungry dancer...oh, where was the dancing??? Nearly everyone else on stage danced incredibly, but Roxie barely moved. Her voice was lovely, but she delivered all of her lines with a kind of silly smile-- she was elegant and poised, even when trying to come across as vulgar. During the intermission we overheard nearly everyone around us talking about the same things: "She isn't dancing! Isn't she too old for this part?" Loved the small, intimate venue but was sorely disappointed in this latest run of what should be a dazzling show...but the lead fell flat.
Source - Vicki Sands
Review ID - 178
Location - Virginia
Visitor IP -
Date Review was Added - 2006-07-11

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