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Summary - After 21 years the magic is lost
Review - I Just got back from a wondferul trip to NYC, I actually proposed to my girlfriend of two years there. She had never been to the city before and I couldn't wait to share with her my best memories. One of which is seeing Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I have see the show 4 times. The first time was a travelling show in Oklahoma, it was absolutley stunning and brought me to tears. The second and Third time was in New York Both performances were amazing, strong performers and a great setting. This most recent showing I wish i would never had seen. We set closer then i have set before and I highly regret it. The performers were the worst I have seen, I felt they had no heart at all. I usually side with the Phantom, but this phantom did not compell me at all. The worst part! After their bows the Phantom came out and preached about AIDs awareness, After the crowd had spent 2.5 hrs and tons of money to be a part of this epic. It was shattered in a moment. SHAME SHAME SHAME
Source - Let the Phantom Burn
Review ID - 1544
Location - Houston
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Date Review was Added - 2009-03-18

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