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Summary - 13 the musical = best to hit Broadway in a while!!
Review - 13,13,13!! This tween Broadway sensation is sweeping the nation!!! 13 is about Evan Goldberg, who moves from NYC to Indiana when he's almost thirteen. Once in Indiana, he has to deal with making new friends and the culture shock, along with all the other things that teenagers go through like dating and puberty. This show is written by Jason Robert Brown, so it is fantastically written, and the songs are AMAZING! There are catchy and upbeat, and the lyrics and comical and funny and will have you laughing out loud. Most importantly, the talent in the cast is what makes the show. 13 contains the first Broadway cast EVER! of only teens. (apprx 13-18 year olds. ) Also, the band consists of kids at these ages, also. For more info, go to , or if I have already sold ya on the show, go straight to to sign up for the ultimate fan club, and meet other 13 fans!
Source - micayla
Review ID - 1258
Location - Boston, MA
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Date Review was Added - 2008-10-22

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