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Summary - The Internet is Not Just for Porn!
Review - This hilarious musical is the top notch musical that people want to see. It shows adults and tennagers what people really go through in life. It of course is not for kids. They show puppet nudity, strong language. You cannot see this show unless you've seen Sesame Street. So, basically everyone of the age of 12 can see this. But I'd say, it is more suitable for children over 15 or 16. Even though it contains puppets and the theme is sort of like Sesame Street, it is NOT a family show. But I enjoyed it very much! It is the funniest musical I've ever seen. It would be a shame if this musical ever closes. People need this musical in the world. It is an American musical! One of the best musicals I've ever seen. It sure didn't suck to be me that night on Avenue Q
Source - Alex Karpinski
Review ID - 1217
Location - USA
Visitor IP -
Date Review was Added - 2008-09-28

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