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Summary - Such a Wonder how it could not be better!
Review - Really, I mean nowadays you would expect George Clooney's affairs, Brangelina's twins, and all of that mess, but if you look back to the 80's, that is a gold! Phantom of the Opera, a fantastic musical with a deformed, disfigured genius, whatever you's call it trying to lure a girl to his place. Well, what a classic love tale, no? Not quite. Well, the girls leaves him, leaving him emotionally scared forever, not that he already is, but a deeper scar. And it gets even more heartbreaking when the girl returns to give him her ring. Well, she leaves nothing behind except memories for the Phantom. He cries and is lost forever. Classic tale, right? Well, no matter what I said, it is just a sketchy outline, the real story is quite complicated and even more heartbreaking, a guy can only take so much. So all I can say is for you to work sweat n' hard for tickets and feel good. Enjoy! Bon Apetite at 21, too! That is a restaurant in New York, only 5 blocks away from The Majestic.
Source - Harry Pfarrer
Review ID - 1099
Location - Burn after reading
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Date Review was Added - 2008-07-14

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