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Summary - A Gentle Reminder
Review - Thurgood exceed my expectations. While I certainly respect Mr. Fishburne as an actor, I never saw him as the late great Thurgood Marshall. I became a lawyer because of Thurgood Marshall so how could Mr. Fishburne portray such a great man - the inspiration for my life's work? Othello yes; Thurgood Marshall, no! Well, much to my surprise, from the moment the actor asked "do you know [Homer] Plessy?" I was captivated with his performance; I saw only Thurgood Marshall and completely forgot that I was watching Mr. Fishburne. I recommend this play to anyone who wants to know how the Brown Decision came to be, or why Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, was a great civil rights leader, but a lousy client, or what toll Marshall's professional life put on his personal life, or if you just like good acting. This play gently reminded me how far this country has come in such a short period of time and how much Thurgood, along with a team of dedicated lawyers had to do with making change happen. See it!
Source - Kim Kay
Review ID - 1081
Location - Washington, DC
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Date Review was Added - 2008-06-30

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