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Summary - You're Really Wicked If You Don't Go And See This Play
Review - By sheer dumb luck we scored front row dead center seats for the June 19th, 2008 show. The staff were so nice and kept congradulating us. The show was amazing. From the scenery, to the breathtaking beautiful costumery--especially during the emerald city scenes, and the heartfelt performances it was an overly emotional experience for the both of us. Kendra Kassebaum was Glinda at the performance. She captures the bubbleness of the Good witch, was cute as a button, and oh so funny. Chelsea Krombach the understudy performed as Elphaba and was fantastic!! The story follows their relationship from beginning to end, and she was able to capture that whimsical quirky quality of her character as an adolescent and she sang her heart out. Last but not least David Burnham played the shallow prince to a T. He was so sarcastic and hilarious at the same time I couldn't stop laughing. The play was just incredible. I would recommend this for anyone but it might be scary for little kids. Go and see it.
Source - Extremely Happy Murph
Review ID - 1066
Location - New York, N.Y.
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Date Review was Added - 2008-06-20

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