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Jack boas u.k., May 16, 2014
reviewer: Jack boas from London England
Fresh,witty, superbly acted...
Don't miss this delightful sumptuous production.
Loved every hysterical second and can't wait for the event to come to England to show the English public this treat!
Compliments for the best show in town!

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Been Three times, Mar 26, 2014
reviewer: MJG from New York, New York
If you love to laugh and have a good time you must see this show! Jefferson Mays is by far the best comedy actor at this time. The whole production is great and the cast is great. I've been three times and
will go again next month. Can you say TONYs for the cast and Producers, I can. See you again next month. MJG

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SHEER BLISS, Mar 15, 2014
reviewer: Stewart from Scotland
For my first visit to NYC for fourteen years and my nephew's first visit ever, I wanted a Brodway show with zing and panache. Kind Hearts and Coronets has long been one of my favourite films so A Gentleman's Guide sounded ideal. It exceeded my already high expectations and we both - my nephew is not really a theatregoer - hugely enjoyed the show. The theatre is a gem (even if the seating is somewhat cramped), the staff delightful and the performers - particularly Jefferson Mays - outstanding. I wept with laughter and consider myself fortunate to have come across this exceptionally entertaining show. I just hope that it transfers - with cast intact - to London where, if there's any justice, it would run forever.

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don't miss it, Jan 21, 2014
reviewer: David from Narragansett RI
A great night of inventive, entertaining and not to miss theater!

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Marvelous, Dec 15, 2013
reviewer: Anonymous from New York, New York
Haven't enjoyed a Broadway show as much in years. The skills of the actors, direction, production, writing and music come together like a hand in glove. A richly entertaining evening.

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