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A lot smaller circus than I figured, Jul 23, 2015
reviewer: Anonymous from Houston, Texas
I was thinking Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was the circus of all
circuses. I was wrong. Arabia Shrine Circus was much bigger, had more and just
seemed overall better, and it's a quarter of the price. I won't go to another
Ringling Bros again.

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Spectacular, Aug 12, 2014
reviewer: Harley from West Hartford, CT USa

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Animal abuse!!!, May 04, 2014
reviewer: Andrea from Providence, Rhode Island
I never went as a child, but finally went with free tickets about 6 years ago, in
my mid-20s. I left after 5 minutes once I realized the horrid animal abuse that
was happening. The poor ponies ran in circles, and if they fell, they hopped up
and joined the circle again so quickly you could tell it was conditioned by
humans. The stories and documentation of animal abuse, especially elephant ax
is heartbreaking. Anyone who goes to the circus is ignorant and chooses to hide
from the truth. The circus is a horrible, horrible place. Brings me to tears. Check
out the videos online. It's more than bull hooks. It's a nightmare that I cannot
believe has not been banned nation and world-wide!!!!!!!!

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Animal Cruelty, Apr 17, 2014
reviewer: Pam MacPeice from Providence, Rhode Island
Baby elephants are taken from their mothers. They are beaten until they perform ridiculous tricks. Watch an elephant behave as it was meant to. Look at Youtube videos for free of elephants in the wild or
at the sanctuary. Stop teaching your children cruelty. Teach them kindness and compassion.

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exploited animals........., Oct 22, 2013
reviewer: Trizia from New York, New York
They treat the animals horribly. Ban the circus!!! This has to stop!!!

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