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Excellent, Nov 11, 2013
reviewer: Adi from New York, New York
One of the smartest, wittiest and best written play I've seen in a long time. Cast is superb. A must see!

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karen kaye's 1 star not OK, Oct 21, 2013
reviewer: BERNIE W from White Plains, New York
Do not be misled by Karen Kaye's review-- the play is not offensive, unless you consider "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" similarly. The play is topical and eternal: communication problems between husband and wife, parents and children, grandparents and children and grandchildren, doctors and patients, etc. Sometimes an interpreter is needed, sometimes an intermediary, sometimes a lawyer-- And no more so open to misinterpretation and lies is the matter of sex, licit and illicit. The play is by turns polemical, satirical, comic, and heartrending-- and I never looked at my watch. Nine women and one man-- who wouldn't relish such a war of words?

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Great Play, Great Performances, Oct 20, 2013
reviewer: Betty B. from Ridgewood, NJ
I thoroughly enjoyed this play and all the actors'performances. Jeff Goldblum and Laurie Metcalf are at the top of their game and totally absorbed me in their mess of a marriage. Kudos to Bruce Norris for his wonderfully written play.
Don't miss this gem!

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Metcalf Wows!, Oct 16, 2013
reviewer: RS Knopf from Boston, MA
What a difference a day makes because the Sunday matinee performance by Laurie Metcalf was amazing. She is worth the price of admission and then some.

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Disappointed!, Oct 12, 2013
reviewer: Karen Kay from New York, New York

Saw this preview last night, and could not believe what I was watching!
The lead actors are two of my favorite and had high hopes when it was announced that they would be working together. Can't figure out why they would do such a poorly written play...too bad!

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