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I Agree, Feb 06, 2014
reviewer: I Agree from New York, New York
I agree with most of the comments that the music wasn't the best but keep in mind that the Moscow Ballet constantly travels and they have to make their show

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Moscow Ballet Fails to Deliver, Dec 16, 2013
reviewer: Anonymous from Los Angeles, California
I have seen the Nutcracker at least 10 times over the years and was so very excited to see the Moscow ballet perform. We paid $135 for tickets and could nott have been more disappointed! The staging,
props and story were sorely missing. The first act was miserable! At least the dancing was better in the second. I would not see them again!


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beautiful, Dec 08, 2013
reviewer: A fan from Albany , NY
this version is pretty athletic. other reviewa noted prerecorded muic. true an orchastra would add something more special.
but in order to support live music you have to double the price ti pay all the musicians. keep in mind they are moving and
perforiming every night. with that in mind i. think that they did a very nice job. they add humor and the dancing is a cross
between ballet and acrobatics. if you are expecting new york city ballet or bolshi or royal ballet you will be disappointed. if you
are open to various stylistic ballets than you will enjoy this show immensly. my favorite parts were the arabian, russian and
dive of peace. i enjoyed the show very much. kids would enjoy watching the future professional dancers who are in probaby
thieir first roll in a major ballet company and the dncing puppets. something for everyone.. and really this is a different version
of nutcracker wih the message of peace . so it is all good .

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Very disappointing, Nov 18, 2013
reviewer: Levi from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Low points: the music was recorded and the sound system wasn't
great (sounded like it was all coming from one speaker); the sets
were very poor—all badly painted with no dimensionality; the
dancing was very rarely synchronized and many of the dancers
clearly struggled with the challenging aspects of their routines.

High points: the kids were adorable, and in many places had their
timing better than the professionals.

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Live orchestra - no!, Oct 13, 2013
reviewer: Patrick from St. Paul, Minnesota
To "Wondering": That is correct. My wife and I went last year,
and we were disappointed to find that, though the dancing was
captivating, the music was canned. To our tastes, it diminished
the experience significantly.

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