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Best Concert, Memorable & Magical, Dec 04, 2013
reviewer: Swan from Spokane, Washington
We travelled about 280 miles to see her show & it was well worth the money spent. Great show! Must see if you have a chance.

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magical, Nov 03, 2013
reviewer: Samuel from Los Angeles, California
Saw Sarah at the Dolby, LA. She was fabulous...the
costume changes were flawless and quick. Her voice
is incredible...the musicians were talented and
enhanced the performance...the background was
theme to the concept of DREAMCHASER...and more
appropriately, kept the cell phone photo takers at
bay because there is no way they could get a
usable photo with that background. Genius. No one
left at intermission. I would go again...and pay
any amount.

I don't get the complaints. This was never billed
as a solo the show description
next time and save yourself the aggravation.

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Horrible, Nov 02, 2013
reviewer: William from Vancouver, Washington
A waste of time or money. So loud no one could understand or
hear the performer. People left before intermission. Many put
their fingers in their ears to drown out the noise. My wife
became ill due to loud, loud noise. Severe headache
Seattle October 26th 2013.William

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Sarah Brightman at Lyric Opera House Sep 20 2013, Oct 21, 2013
reviewer: Barbara from Baltimore, Maryland
My husband & I have listened to Sarah for the past 5 months almost every night while having dinner. We were so excited about seeing her in person & had looked forward to seeing her for a very long time. We traveled out of town for an overnight stay to see her. What a terrible disappointment and waste of a lot of money. We might as well have been at a rock concert. Sarah's voice was drowned out by the incredibly loud instruments in all but 3 songs. The light show and "dancers" were terribly distracting and a complete waste. Sarah's voice carries itself and we cannot imagine what on earth Sarah and her producers could have been thinking. Perhaps she is having difficulty with her voice and therefore it had to be covered up w/the music with the added distraction of the light show.

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Glitz upstages girl, Oct 14, 2013
reviewer: Pam Hamilton from Dallas, Texas
VERY disappointing evening. We left at intermission. The light
show was distracting; the costumes were Disney-like silly; the pre-
recorded music, plus the electronic instruments drowned out the
words. Her voice hit all the notes, but the content was lost. Too
much glitz and glamour. Sad, Sarah is brilliant by herself.

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