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The Experience of a Lifetime, Aug 25, 2016
reviewer: John Velasco from Charlotte, NC
My grandparents took me and my brother and cousins to see this show in Greenville, SC, while it was on tour. This show had so much scenery that the actors
could not fit backstage but had to hang out in the lobby. The singing and choreography was phenomenal and the creativity exhibited by the costumes was
breathtaking. I have never been able to see another show without remembering it since.

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Third play in three days, Jul 14, 2014
reviewer: Mike from jackson ms
And no doubt saved the best for last. Pure and simple MUST SEE. No words can describe it. WOW

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A complete disappointment, especially from the music perspec, Jan 21, 2014
reviewer: CutePug from New York, New York
We were a group of eight people who had never seen Lion King Broadway show before but had watched the movie and listened to those delightful melodies from CD many times. We paid top $$$ for the tickets hoping and expecting to finally enjoy the famous Broadway show and fantastic live music just as in the Lion King movie and CD. However, we were totally dismayed to find out 99% of the music were African folk tunes which sounded like chanting mingled with shouting in a way without much pleasant melodies except for the first and the last songs in the show that sounded familiar to our ears, so to speak. As far as the stage sceneries, there was nothing astounding or anything spectacular to see. In many scenes, there were just blank stage, no effort was put into force on the stage sceneries whatsoever. In general, this is a mediocre Broadway show at best which does not deserve its famous reputation in my most humble opinion.

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Awesome!, Sep 09, 2013
reviewer: S. Davis from Alabama
I saw this in London and was so enthralled I saw it again in New York. Fantastic costumes! Inspiring.

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Amazing Show!!, Mar 10, 2013
reviewer: Anonymous from New York, New York
I saw this show 4 years ago with my family, and we
were all just blown away. I thought it was the
best Broadway show I'd ever seen (out of a dozen
or more). Now I'm bringing a favorite cousin to
New York. She has never seen a Broadway show, and
this is the one I picked to bring her to see!! I
loved it and can't wait to see it again. Yes, I
would take children to see grandchildren
were 6 and 10 when we saw it, and they loved it.

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