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Intriguing and complex..., May 06, 2013
reviewer: Arthur Hill from San Francisco, CA USA
I was in NYC on a business trip and was naive
about the play. I was drawn to it by some sort of
the vague sense and idea that the play would be
intriguing and complex. It turns out that this was
a powerful performance of an intriguing concept
and an original viewpoint of Christianity and
modern culture. This is an important play in that
it forces a new look at old ideas and challenges
our way of accepting ideas and dogma that need to
be questioned and challenged. The performance was
incredibly well done, (acting, stage set,
lighting, music), and it was exceedingly good to
see a highly trained actress at the peak of her
craft and carry it out in a beautiful technical
performance that made a striking and powerful
impression. I can see why this show isn't the
standard Times Square money maker. I observed that
the other audience members appeared to be local
residents and hard-core theater devotees. It was a
real privilege to be there; looking for future
performances by Ms. Shaw and Co.

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So sad this play is closing early, Apr 30, 2013
reviewer: Anon from Midwest USA
Been looking forward to _Testament of Mary_ since it opened, but
now must take a refund on my ticket, as it's closing before I can get
to NYC. I'm saddened by the culturally pervasive dearth of
imagination and creative empathy that marks so much stifling
commentary about this play. It seems many people would rather be
critical than think critically when they are invited to see something
in a new light. As someone who appreciates the sacred Mary, I was
looking forward to this bold exploration of her humanity. I applaud
the imaginative forces involved in putting on this production. From
all I've read and the interviews I've seen, it seems this play offers a
compelling "Ecco Femina." Sorry I won't get to behold this Mary--in
all her human, suffering complexity. Hope I will have the chance to
see the admirably brave and talented Ms. Shaw in another play. Just
have to keep watching those amazing clips of her in _The Waste
Land_ until then. Art, too, is my religion, and blasphemers abound!


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The Testament of Mary, Apr 27, 2013
reviewer: Michelle from winnipeg, Manitoba
Terribly sad that people (writer, actress and others who assisted with accepting, producing, and marketing the play) use their talents to promulgate the mocking of a religion such as Catholicism and see no wrong in doing so. Freedom of expression is a gift and in my opinion an artist encourages growth, and respect between communities not spiritually tear them asunder. I am saddened by those who within the model of creative expression seek not to understand but to disparage and promulgate their own interior hatred and doubt be it through the seeming expression of a harmless benign play. This play tells me more about those who developed, supported and produced it who greatly lack understanding and faith of the beauty and love of Mary in her relationship with Christ her son than of the actual play itself. I find no entertainment value in creative expression of humans who without thought support the spiritual destruction of others. I pray for awakening of your dead and embittered spirits.

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Senseless Lack of Respect for Religion, Apr 15, 2013
reviewer: Paul from New York, New York
As a Catholic i went into this play thinking this
story would be somewhat similiar to the Davinci
Code in its skepticism of Jesus' history and for
the most part i was right. My review is not based
on the story at all, it is about the playwright's
depiction of a figure that is well known to be
sacred to Catholics. To have the Virgin Mary, well
venerated as the holiest woman in history and
without sin by Catholics worldwide on stage
smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and stripping
naked is a disgrace. You can throw skepticism on
any religion's "dogma" or whatever you'd like to
call but do not blatantly disrespect what other
people view as sacred to earn a few extra dollars.
If the play was just about Mary's interpretation
of Jesus that would have been fine. But the
depiction of Mary was deplorable and it is made
worse by the fact that the playwright used to be
Catholic. It is fine to disagree with the views of
religion but you must respect what people hold
dear even if you don't.

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