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Like a TV sitcom for a Jewish Audience, Jun 22, 2013
reviewer: Janet from Tampa, FL
Had great expectations. Perhaps if I were Jewish I might have thoroughly enjoyed it. But I am not so many of the jokes and dialogue were lost on me. Do not see why Judith Light won best actress, so overacted she was more like a caricature. Most of the characters were very one-dimensional and you could not empathize with them. The only saving grace was the actress who played Julie. Her acting was genuine and memorable. Again if you are Jewish, you will certainly enjoy this. Otherwise, not so much.

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A Little West Side Dysfunction is a Wonderful Thing!, Apr 15, 2013
reviewer: Anonymous from Teaneck NJ
Laughter, tears, comedy, tragedy - this wonderful play had it all, and my friend and I enjoyed every minute of it. We were enthralled as the layers of lives were peeled back and the mysteries of relationships and family were revealed. You don't have to be Jewish (except for a liberal sprinking of Yiddish terms) or a New Yorker to recognize and relate to themes that are common to all. I want the script so that I can read the wonderful lines that I don't remember. Kudos to Richard Greenberg, and to a five-star cast. I don't give standing ovations lightly - this play and cast deserve one!

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Not-to-be-missed, Apr 15, 2013
reviewer: Ruth Goldfarb from New York, New York
This was a gem of a play with marvelous character development, rich dialogue, wonderful acting and a very clever stage-set. It was totally engaging from the first moment and was beautifully graced with humor even as difficult issues were central. I would highly recommend this play to anyone who's been part of a family!


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What was the plot?, Apr 09, 2013
reviewer: Anonymous from New York, New York
I was very disappointed. The script and staging was
fragmented making it hard to follow. There was a sense that
the writer through in every element that could possibly happen
into the mix....a ruby necklace, a son dying of AIDS, a loss of
money, an affair, blackmail, a retarded child, an unwanted
pregnancy. Do not waste your evening.

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Great script . Bst for upper west side jewish audiences, Apr 08, 2013
reviewer: Anonymous from New York, New York
Dialouge very witty, funny, the best part . , actors strong -
particularly the two female leads , Atho the scott/tim role weak.
Set fantastic . Lots of yiddish

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