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Belkys Pantaleon , Jan 10, 2017
reviewer: Belkys Pantaleon from New York, New York
Excellent I do recommend to anyone, it is 2 and half hour, with nothing waste.
miss it
I love it.


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Disapointing, Mar 08, 2014
reviewer: Anonymous from New York, New York
I was unimpressed by this show having seen the film a few years ago. Being British the humour did not translate very well and it was sad to see the character of Lauren transformed from a sensitive, determined young lady whose love for Charlie was subtly portrayed (in the film) to a love sick, over the top airhead in the show. As a result of some of the dialogue the actress playing her was given I found her accent a little irritating and not believable. Defining features included Billy Porter who was outstanding as Lola ...what a voice! The accent by Daniel Stewart Sherman was so good I thought he was from the UK. The music was pretty uplifting as well. On the whole I thought this musical was written for an American audience and I therefore found myself wishing I had booked for a different show.

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Roberto and Lana loved the show !!, Aug 21, 2013
reviewer: Roberto and Lana from Kingston, Ontario, Canada
We both saw the movie years ago and frequently watch
it. When we heard it was making it's way to Broadway
we knew we had to see it. We traveled all the way
from Canada and would gladly do so again. Billy
Porter is Amazing as the lead.


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You have got to see this!, Jul 10, 2013
reviewer: Doris from Northern Ireland
I saw this show in March and almost booked a second performance - the matinee show on the day of my flight home - but chickened out in case I got delayed. Going back to NYC in October and this is top of my 'To Do' list. Billy Porter is so fab in the role of Lola - a well deserved 2013 Tony award. Lola's backing dancers are all super, the costumes are mind-bogglingly awesome and Cyndi Lauper's music is perfect - you will want to get up and dance! (Some of the actresses' Northern England accents are a bit iffy, but I'm sure they have improved with practice.) I cannot wait to see this show again and I will be first in the queue for the CD of the music! You have got to see this show!

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reviewer: Nancy Thompson Mahler from Farmington, Utah
I had seen the movie Kinky Boots a few years ago
and loved it so when I heard it was coming to
Broadway and knew I'd be in New York I hurried and
bought my tickets. My husband had no idea what the
show was about, he's a bit conservative so I was a
little worried... we both loved it! To date this
is our favorite show we've seen.

I've never been to a show where the audience was
so enthralled and the finale was the icing on the

Billy Porter, Stark Sands and cast are phenomenal!

It's full of heart and soul and laughter. You will
diffidently walk out of the theatre feeling
uplifted and happy.


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