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Outstanding Performance, May 29, 2017
reviewer: Gwenevere from Las Vegas, Nevada
I have seen the performance 2 years in a row and it gets better and
more breath taking each time. Love, Love, Loved it; will be back next
year. Given the opportunity it's a MUST see.

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Spectacular, May 01, 2017
reviewer: Annette B. from Omaha, Nebraska
Spectacular performance! Every move, every
dance scene was perfect and unique Worth
the money and a must see for all performing
arts lover. Each year is different. I plan on
attending next year as well.

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Well done, Apr 10, 2017
reviewer: Carmen from Renton, Washington
A very well done performance. You can tell
the dancers enjoyed themselves immensely.
There were two points in the show where I
was moved to tears. A beautiful way to spend
a few hours. At McCaw Hall, there isn't a bad
seat in the house.

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The best show I have ever seen!, Nov 02, 2015
reviewer: Marina from Chicago, Illinois
Shen Yun is the best show I have ever seen. I go to see it every year since 2012. Each year it is new! How you can describe the pure beauty of the experience in words? Check out on youtube Russian
ballerina talk about this with tears in her voice. She understands the beauty and hard work to make it happened. I can't wait to see Shen Yun 2016 show.
We all dream to become better! Shen Yun leads us there to Truthfulness and Compassion by that hard work and such great team working together for all us. Thank you Shen Yun!

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The BEST show I've EVER seen, Apr 14, 2014
reviewer: Legend from Austin, Texas
I am a lover of classics, music and dance. Ballet attracts people for its movement, symphony touches soul through tones. But, this show comes to a perfect match for both. I have
seen it in Austin last December, and couldn't help to spend the next day seeing it for the second time. Many of the bad comments here are pretty misleading, how could you feel
satisfied for a classical Chinese dance only expecting a ballet? It is DIFFERENT genre! To clarify some common misunderstandings, say, all programs are repeating. They are about
totally different stories, but meanwhile all 20 programs manifest an integrity of spirit, compassion and braveness. Believe me or not, you gonna never see shows of this level
anywhere else.

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