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For Elementary School Children, Jan 06, 2016
reviewer: DH from San Francisco, California
I agree with the person who was disappointed with this parody. I think the people who market this show should be clearer about the target audience. As an adult who loves a wide variety of comedy and has a very good sense of humor, I was either bored, annoyed, or mildly amused for most of this show because much of the silliness and jokes were just insipid. I loved the Harry Potter movies but hated most of this show (though it did get better towards the end). It was the worst live show (that wasn't free or inexpensive) that I've seen in my life. Though there are some amusing moments here and there, It is not much of a parody. (For those of age, for a truly funny parody, watch Monty Python and The Holy Grail)

Our kids did enjoy it. If I were rating this from a child's perspective, I guess I would give it 3.5 stars, but I can't think like an 8 year old anymore. Kids are more easily pleased. And no doubt there exist adults who enjoyed this because I heard many of them laughing.


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Disappointed, May 08, 2015
reviewer: Gavin from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
My girl friend and I have both been Potter fans for over a decade, but this show portrayed Harry Potter as if it were a book for toddlers. The glowing reviews for this performance are coming from parents who would have said the same thing after taking their kids to see Dora the Explorer Live. I do not see Harry Potter as a book for 5 year olds, and I was disappointed that it was portrayed that way.

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Potted Potter = Non-Stop Laughs!, Oct 26, 2014
reviewer: Sher from Toronto, Ontario
Potted Potter is absolutely hilarious from start to finish. The audience laughed so hard and everyone had a great time. So good that we have all purchased tickets to see it again when they return this year!

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Moronic, Nov 10, 2013
reviewer: Anonymous from San Diego, California
Not witty, not funny, mostly annoying. The glowing reviews for
this show are a disturbing commentary on the cultural condition.

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Fantastically Funny!, Jun 17, 2013
reviewer: Amanda from New York, New York
Great for all ages! We were a group of ten ages 8 to 44. Permanent smiles on everyone's face! My 13-year-old laughed so hard she could barely breathe. All of her friends want to see it again. Great night - Go see it!!

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