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Fantastic!, Jul 08, 2009
reviewer: Greg from Mattawan, MI USA
Our family was in NYC for a few days and we all agreed to see a broadway show. My wife graciously volunteered to wait in line for tickets in Times Square. The show was amazing. The props, scenery, special effects, costumes, music and players were simply wonderful. I would certainly recommend this or any other broadway musical to NYC visitors!


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A Great Experience, Dec 08, 2008
reviewer: Jessica Ramirez from Vernon, CT
This was the very first play I have been to, the tickets were a gift to my six year old daughter and i have to say not only was I amazed but this was one of the best experiences of my life, all the performances were perfect i thought i was listening to a cd , not only would I recommend this show to a friend I am going to tell every one I know even people I dont, At the ending of the show it was announced that it would be titus burges last performance, I hope that we will hear more from him

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reviewer: KYLE from Anytown, AT 55555
I went on a trip to New York City for my 1st time a couple of weeks ago... I saw this play and i really was quite blown away with the singing. Ursula and ariel has such an amazing voice they sounded exactly like the movie version of ariel and ursula..... Now i would take children but children older then 7(Now this just my opinion) Because some of the parts may scare little kids. The costumes and the effects were amazing!!!!!!!. I am really recomending for people to see this play if you ever have a chance............ I was also surprised about how small the theatre was but at least i had really good seats(Close to the stage) I may go to new york next summer so i can see the little mermaid 1 more time.

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It was great......, Oct 24, 2008
reviewer: Kelsey from Manchester, NH USA
The Little Mermaid was a great musical the colors and the lighting was awesome!!!!! I would highly recommend this to everyone!! I loved it.

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A+++, Jan 14, 2008
reviewer: Anonymous from NY
The Little Mermaid has been my all-time favorite movie since I was a little girl. I was a bit nervous to see the stage production - how were they possibly going to portray sea life??
But it was PERFECTLY adapted to the stage. The costumes were excellent, the stage set up was amazing, and I can't possibly say enough about the actors and their voices. Ariel - dead on. I cried a handful of times, brought back so many memories.

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