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A delight, Jun 17, 2007
reviewer: SJ from Brooklyn
If you have the chance to see this play, grab it. Of course, a major plus is seeing the magic that can be created by two wonderful actresses - and Angela Lansbury and Marion Seldes are women who keep working at the artistry that makes them deserve to be called stars. Terrence McNally provides dialogue that both helps you understand the characters and draws you into the play. At a time when Broadway seems to be full of retreads, plays from movies from plays, and endless revivals, this original work should not be missed. To see this play is to be reminded of what theatre should mean.

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hard to hear, May 27, 2007
reviewer: Herb from new jersey
two wonderful stars whose voices were directed to the center of half the theatre. Ms Lansbury did not project to mezzinine or sides. Best bet. get the hearing aides. disappointing that no mike provided the stars to pick up the asides, etc. With mikes and picking up the doalogue I would rate it 4 stars.

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Two (Duce) All Time Greats, Not to be missed., Apr 19, 2007
reviewer: Christine Fredrickson from Staten Island, NY
If you choose to see this play, you will not be disappointed.
The acting was superb!
It isn't necessary to have any prior knowledge of tennis to enjoy Deuce.
It is more about two opposite friends who meet after a long period of time. They realize how deeply they felt and feel about each other. How their lives changed, but in some ways stayed the same.
Ms. Lansbury, and Ms. Seldes, discuss at length the past, present, and future.
Tennis..the game that meant so much to each of them, will bring them together again.
I would reccomend that you go see this magnificent
The only drawback that I encountered was that I was unable to MEET with the STARS. :)
Duce is a winner!


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Tears for Tennis?, Apr 18, 2007
reviewer: J Blumenthal from NYC
I never thought a play focussed on tennis would make me
weep, but with its interesting and surprising script and such
wonderful actresses, I did indeed end up crying. I am not a
sports fan, and I don't even know what "deuce" means. But
neither did the stranger next to me--who also expressed her
surprise at her tears. Especially since the dialogue was
pretty much sharp and unsentimental. Which for me is a
good thing. I loved this play .

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