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Amazing, May 16, 2014
reviewer: Leah from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I love TSO, and this was the first time i got to see them. I thought they were amazing. I hope I can see them again <3


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Boring!!, Dec 31, 2013
reviewer: Anonymous from Dallas, Texas
Cheesy and boring, I am terribly disappointed. A waste of money.

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Very Disappointed, Dec 24, 2013
reviewer: Anonymous from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Attended last 7 Christmas show but dissapointed with this years perfornmance. I was hoping for the original Christmas Eve but this was not to be. This performance was very depressing, props included gargoyles or dragons spitting fire (great for Halloween). We left halfway through the show as it became painful to llisten to. We noted many others leaving too. We regret wasting our time and money. Past shows lleft us upbeat with increased Christmas spirit. Missed seeing regular remale vocalists. Perhaps it is time for them to give it up...they had a good run.

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Depressing and boring, Dec 23, 2013
reviewer: Dan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Very disappointed with the performance. this is our 12th show in 15 years and sadly will probably not go again unless they return to the real Christmas format that made them great. No one wants to hear about a wife that hemorages to death leaving a mentally challenged child abandoned in a home. This does nothing to uplift Christmas spirit! Hardly any christmas music we have come to enjoy over the years, the female lead songs have all been removed, and most of the good female singers (Danielle Lander, Jennifer Cella) are gone. Don't wast your money, Will never go back

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Crowd Expectation, Dec 23, 2013
reviewer: Harold McDaniel from Kansas City, Missouri
As far as talent is concerned...10 on a scale of 10...NO DOUBT! These people are GREAT! However they may need to learn a little Humility, there were several request for the audience to respond to what they were doing on stage...well, the crowd at Sprint was very sophisticated...I mean they were not just going to give up free responses, the band has to earn it..and Frankly at times they were not earning it. Lots of "Cocky" posturing all night, it seemed as if the crowd wanted to show more appreciation but the moment was often lost in the mist of the band's "Self Love". The show was a little long, however if they had thought of having an intermission time, it would have been a lot easier on audience to set through. Other than that the music was GREAT! 4 star!

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