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tired, Jan 17, 2015
reviewer: Anonymous from New Brunswick, New Jersey
We paid almost $200 for a pair of tickets so far away from the stage, that it rendered him almost invisible, If I had been closer, I would have booed him. His lack of energy and material was alarming. His material was limited and sprinkled w too many F bombs. Perhaps if he graduated to five letter adjectives instead of a diet of four lettered words his content would improve. I have listened to him spin hilarious stories in the past, but none were available last night./


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Low energy., Jul 24, 2014
reviewer: Pat from Montreal, Quebec
He's still smart, witty and can still go on a rant like nobody else can...but doesn't. Or not enough.

Maybe being in a foreign country made him awkward about doing political rants. He spoke a lot about politics, but kept explaining the context before getting to the point.
A few high moments here and there, but overall... just nice.

You know? I was expecting anger, rants, acidic social commentary. And I got a nice old guy telling jokes and occasionally raising his voice to drop an F... bomb.

Wasn't bad, I enjoyed it, but it was just nice.

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Very disappointing, Mar 26, 2014
reviewer: Leslie Aday from Los Angeles, California
Being a huge fan of Mr. Black's work, I bought these tickets
months ago and was really looking forward to seeing him live.
The show was uncomfortably lacking in entertainment value as
well as his usually sarcastic and hilarious political insight. I left
the theater feeling, well...sad. There was a very annoying woman
sitting right behind me with a horrible forced laugh and all kinds
of other noises at times that made absolutely no sense. I do
hope that Mr. Black is feeling better now. I would go and see him
again hoping for a better time of it and if I'm ever seated near
someone so obnoxious again I'll move.

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Very disappointed , Mar 16, 2014
reviewer: Jake / Valencia from Valencia,, California
This show was a rip off. $145.00 for a tired , no new material, unenthusiastic 1 hour and 10 minutes of rehashed DRIBBLE. The majority of the the crowd looked like they did not make it to shower
Or to the closet for fresh clothes preferring their sweats and dirty jeans. The loud stoners with non stop forced laughs were not delt with by the Saban staff. LEWIS CLEARLY WANTED TO GET THIS OVER

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Not as good as I'd hoped, Feb 23, 2013
reviewer: Vickie from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I was a bit disappointed in his Philly show. He didn't seem to
have his usual passion or anger which is his main draw,

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