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I went to sleep, Oct 27, 2014
reviewer: Not Sleepy B4 the show..... from Greenville, South Carolina
I have seen all of Kathy Griffin specials on TV and I have enjoyed them all except for the last one. I was not a fan of her show that aired on Bravo. When I read she was coming to the peace center I said why not, it’s a Friday night out, some entertainment. I fell asleep. What a waste of money and time. She used to be funny but not lately. All of her material was dated (nothing new). There was a moment in the show where she received a call from Renee Zellweger and she was going to let the audience listen to it. She wanted to listen to it first, we could hear a voice (do not know if it was Renee) she never let the audience listen to it but she did explain what “Renee” (in air quotes) said. I hate to say it, but I think her best days are behind her.

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kathy Griffin who?, Jul 13, 2013
reviewer: Jzilian from Orlando, Florida
Last night Kathy Griffin performed live in orlando. The opening film clip showing her hob nobbing with stars was interesting, not too bad til she opened her mouth. She was silly, not funny. The laughs came from her gestures and imitations but the content just wasn't funny - more just laughing at herself. Save yourself the $80. Most people around me, namely gays, were mostly bored and kept waiting for the jokes to start but they never did... some people left, should have stayed home and a good book would have put me to sleep just as fast as she did

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Anderson Cooper's neck is turning red!, Jun 23, 2013
reviewer: Anonymous from New York, New York
If it is true that Anderson Cooper's neck turns red every time Kathy makes him uncomfortable, then his neck was surely red tonight. Her show was an embarassment, she was ill prepared, reading off of notes on a stool, and simply not funny. I guess her best days are behind her; I wish I knew this before I spent $150 on a ticket.

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That was one of the worst shows I've ever attended., Jan 06, 2012
reviewer: Oopshoops from New Orleans
The opening video montage was funny/cute. Started out chukle-worthy. But all downhill from there. This was a seriously awful show. The chick is just not funny. Show consisted of name dropping, gay jokes, and funny things her mom said.Then she talked about outdated stuff like Reggie Bush and Stephen Segal's cop show.Had to walk out after a while. Had more laughs joking around with the bartenders and ushers, than I did while I sat through her boring routine. What a waste of money and time.

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