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What an experience......, May 25, 2006
reviewer: Ethan Pounder from Scotland
The performances were totally brilliant. I am only 16 and perhaps, am not qualified to give comment but, I not only enjoyed the show, but, was lucky enough to meet the cast afte the performance. ...Which was so special to me, especially meeting Mike Starr, who gave me such sound advice for my audition here in Glasgow. I have auditioned and been successful in my first step into acting. Am through to my chosen course. I have to thank you for your words of wisdom and took them with me to my audition.. Watch out Broadway...... Perhaps one day! Thanks for a great evening. You entertained me tremendously. Still laughing out loud...... Thanks for making my trip to NYC so memorable. Always Ethan

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Strange Noises in the theater!!!!, May 08, 2006
reviewer: Donna from Nutley NJ
Donna from Nutley NJ

Our theater group was in the city on Friday, May 5, 2006. The Odd Couple was exceptional!!! About a half hour into the play, a strange tapping sound was coming from one of the speakers in the back of the theater. Matthew Broderick leaned forward and said to the audience, "IS ANYONE TYPING OUT
THERE?" The next 5-10 minutes were hilarious as Lane and Broderick ad-libbed one liners. The audience was in stitches!!!! What a show and what a pair of actors!!!!


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HIlarious!, Apr 24, 2006
reviewer: Cheryl from Connecticut
Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick shine as Oscar Madison and Felix Unger in The Odd Couple. If you enjoyed the TV series, you will love this play. All the actors were excellent. If you like Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick this is a must see. This is a small venue, so most of the seats will offer a good view. You will laugh a lot in this play.
Don't miss it! I would see it again!

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Been There Done That, Apr 17, 2006
reviewer: Carolyn Andersen from Doylestown, PA
Not as good as the movie! See something original -- Like Spelling Bee.


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