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Disappointing, Jun 30, 2014
reviewer: Discriminating from Vancouver, British Columbia
The performance is lacklustre. I object to the lecture on the theory of evolution
.a small cramped venue. Better described as a circus show worth a ticket price of
$15. I won't attend one of these shows again

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Disappointed, Jun 20, 2014
reviewer: Anonymous from Vancouver, British Columbia
As for Totem, just make sure that (unlike on June 18) the entire show is being performed (and not missing, for instance, the Finale), and that more than three unicyclists from the "B team" are going to be on the stage.

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Ugh. A total disappointment, Mar 08, 2014
reviewer: Linda from Los Angeles, California
I've LOVED the other Cirque shows that have been on tour in Santa Monica.
This one? Boring! Too much slapstick clown crap. Hardly any exciting athletic
acts at all. The Native American Hoop dance was cool ONCE, but to have them do
it twice in one show was ridiculous. I mean.... Werent there other acts that could
have filled the time? I was sick of the music and found the energy of the whole
show slow. They certainly didn't get a standing o out of our audience

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very disapointed, Feb 19, 2014
reviewer: Ana maimone from Los Angeles, California
I HAD SEEN ABOUT 90% OF ALL THE CIRQUE OF SOLEIL SHOWS IN l.a. AND lAS VEGAS. tHIS WAS THE WORST i EVER SEEN. i COMPARE THIIS SHOW WITH SOME OF THE FIRST SHOW THEY HAD BRING TO lL.A and I can not believe it is the same co. I paid a forture for the 4 best tickets they offer...........waste of money.
I think that some people that consider this an excellet show, did not appreciate what this company had done in the past...............sorry this is the last time I spend money to see them

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Walked out , Feb 18, 2014
reviewer: MM from Los Angeles, California
Have seen other Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas And Seattle that were great. This one was horrible--slapstick, not funny clowns,boring and hard to watch. What a waste of time and $!

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