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What Show Where You Watching?, Jun 06, 2013
reviewer: John from Stockton, Ca...
I attended the performance in Stockton... I was totally entertained and was happy to see a show of this kind come to Stockton. The music, dance, acrobatics and even the comedy was enjoyable. Those who posted unkind reviews must not have seen the same show that was presented in my town... I look forward to a return visit from Cirque...

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The clowns ruin the whole show, Nov 24, 2012
reviewer: Terribly Disappointed from Tucson, Arizona
Cirque du Soleil productions are famous for nonstop action, but every time Dralion gets moving, the clowns stop it dead. Mystere uses a clown act briefly to get the audience seated. In Dralion, the clowns and an audience plant take about a third of the show time, even making ridiculously inappropriate surprise appearances during acrobatic acts. Newcomers will have little desire ever to see another Cirque du Soleil production, a great loss to them and to the troupe.


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k. t. , Nov 04, 2012
reviewer: K. T. from Tustin, California
to me, it was not a good show. it is nothing you
have not seen before. the skits are just plan.
only 2-3 skits are good, not great. the rest of the
skit are disapointing.


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Stockton is NOT San Francisco, Aug 20, 2012
reviewer: Anonymous from San Francisco
Really annoyed that the description even lists the event as happening in San Francisco, twice, while it is actually occurring in Stockton, an hour and a half away at best.
Shot those birthday plans all to hell....

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not up to par, Aug 28, 2011
reviewer: Claudia from Atlanta
I've been to 2 other Cirque du Soleil shows. Dralion did not measure up. Less spectacular costumes, less varied acts. Disappointing. Ovo was so much better.


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