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Doesn't live up to the hype., Mar 15, 2012
reviewer: Patti from New York
First, it's not a comedy. It's more of a dramady. The scene changes flew - blackout beginning on someone's last line, and action starting before lights up again. But the pacing of the scenes themselves was very slow. Many scenes seemed to drag. The actors were hard to hear at times. Alan Rickman, although a great actor, mumbles at times also, making you wonder what he just said. I wasn't offended by the nudity, but it was gratuitous, and the length of time Izzy kept her shirt up was making audience members near me uncomfortable. On the whole, for a play about writing, it wasn't well written and was disappointing. Also, the theater seats were so small and jammed together, we sat for the full 90 minutes folded like pretzels, dying to stretch our legs. The show seemed much longer (not in a good way) than 90 minutes.

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Incredible must see, Nov 25, 2011
reviewer: Jill Kirschen from New York
I LOVED this show! I liked the storyline when I first read about it & I love Alan Rickman but after seeing it I was very impressed with the story & entertained and affected by the performances of all the actors. Alan plays Leonard, an older weathered worn down literary figure who is now edgy and hardened and sought after mainly by young writers who take private lessons from him at an exhorbitant cost. This is what his brilliant career has become-but as you go on this ride with these characters you will find an intelligent, funny, deep, sad and moving story, and it will leave you wanting more. The cast is phenomenal and very gracious as they all came out after & signed Playbills and greeted eager fans. Adult language and some nudity. Mature teens who love theater and are savvy to some mild adult content will handle better than others. Your call. Stimulating & engaging script played expertly by fantastic actors with impeccable timing. Mr. Rickman & his amazing voice are amazing!


Showing 1 to 2 of 2 reviews

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