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contemporary political divisions find universal truths, Mar 12, 2007
reviewer: Nubby Alpern from New York
All you could possibly expect from the theater. Great acting,
intense plot, beautiful and imaginative sets and challenging
ideas. Iraq, yes or no? Responsibility, loyalty, committment,
freedom, and taking action all issues dealt with. The vision of a
still imature U.S., brash and idealogical compared to a staid
Europe, cautious and jaded makes for great dialogue and lots
of humor as well as some heavy emotion. Bill Nighy, Jullianne
Moore are superb with a great supporting cast and David Hare
once more demonstrates his skill with words.


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Skillful execution, Feb 09, 2007
reviewer: Eric M. from New York, NY
I admit I went to see Julianne Moore and I'm glad that I did. Bill Nighy gave a spectacular performance and I daresay one of the most expert displays of acting that I've ever seen. His engagement of the audience and complete immersion in the character had me actually feeling that this was truly his story. Andrew Scott showed a remarkable talent for playing across the text and allowing the words of the play to stand on their own. He filled out his character with NEW information and created a full 3D character that you could connect with. Julianne is a phenomenal actress but I think her Movie chops got in the way of a great performance. When it was time for her "close-up" she evoked strong emotion and truly made my heart feel the pain of the character. But...It wasn't a complete portrayal. She can learn about "constant" character from Bill and textual analysis from Andrew and turn a hit and miss performance into a masterpiece. Play:Topical, interesting, smart, funny.Cast A+


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Please, not to softly., Feb 04, 2007
reviewer: Anthony Annunziato from Garden City,NY 11530
I enjoyed the play and obvious artistry of the performers.Julianne is a very beautiful lady and shows such grace and stage presence.
Bill Nighy is so magnicficent in language and speech. His hand gestures are incredibly important to what he says and how he moves on stage; also he seems to bring forth the pathos of the spoken word by his very movements.
The cast is very talented.
The only negative thing was the audio aspect of the play.
Julianne and Bill at times could not be heard in the rear right wing(orchestra) section of the theatre
But I certainly loved the thrill of the moment ..great cast....GREAT PERFOMMANCES!
Anthony Annunziato( the gentle and humble critic)
Please explain what the term, Verticle Hour means?
No one about us could hear her explanation.

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subtle enjoyment, Jan 24, 2007
reviewer: Paul from US
moore's character builds on you during the play from a rote professiorial academic to someone who finally realizes what is important to her both personnally and professionally. and bill's character and performance is truly admirable; its a wake up call for what's really important in our lives as inhabitants of the planet. and phillipp is a up and coming star who performs quite well with a role that is direct and consequential. worth seeing .

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Gets better and better, Dec 26, 2006
reviewer: Beth from New York, NY
I've seen this play three times so far, and it gets better and better. The cast has definitely settled in since the third preview, and there are little touches here and there that help. Seeing it again, it becomes clear why Nadia (Julianne Moore's character) so often comes off as "flat" in the first act...but to reveal why would give away a good deal of the second. It's not an easy play, and there is a lot of subtelty, but there is SO much in there. And yes, now that it's opened and Julianne's settled into the character, when she lets fly, she lets fly. Just not in Act One...for reasons that, like I said, become obvious in Act Two. I love this play...but then I've never been one who likes easy answers all tied up in a bow.

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