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HAIR~~~RAISING!!!, Apr 12, 2014
reviewer: P A F Smith from Reno, Nevada
My parents adored the music from the original Broadway production and went to experience it in San Francisco in the late '60's and it transformed their lives. I grew-up on the soundtrack of HAIR, and I
finally had the opportunity to experience it for myself in Reno, Nevada. The production was beyond amazing...the music stupendous, the actors/singers/musicians extraordinary, and I really felt my parent's
spirits with me (both are in the "next dimension" now). I have seen more than a few productions on Broadway and in London's West End, and I rate this production amongst this category of incredible MUST
SEE shows ever produced for the stage. I left the theatre feeling transformed and HAPPY. A truly natural HIGH, LOL!!! All good!!!

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Awful, Mar 08, 2014
reviewer: Dawn from Baton RougeBaton, Louisiana
This was absolutely a terribly produced show. Everyone looked like they were out of place. They seemed to just run around in circles.
Never again. I truly looked forward to this play for months and was extremely disappointed.

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Absolutely Fabulous!, May 05, 2013
reviewer: Cindy from New Brunswick, New Jersey
The talent and amazing voices came through in last
night's performance of Hair at the State Theatre in
NJ. It brought back so many memories of my teenage
years. I couldn't sit still with all the wonderful
music, singing and dancing taking place on stage.
A truly stunning performance~ Peace

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AMAZING Show!!!, Nov 27, 2012
reviewer: Bonnie from Stow, Ohio
Saw this show in Cleveland and the revitalization from the
'60's fits back into our current time of war. It's beautiful,heart
wrenching, toe tapping, get up and dance fun. This is NOT a
show for kids. You must be an opened minded adult to truly
enjoy the wonder of this show!!! But the talent that comes with
this show will awe you! Enjoy!!!!

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The 60s revisited, Jul 05, 2011
reviewer: Tom King from \"Sara\"sota, Florida
Saw this show in Tampa. I highly recommend to buy, borrow, or steal your way into the beautiful St. James Theater to see this fantastic cast so enthusiastically bringing this classic musical back with so much fired up energy. Fantastic adult rockin' entertainment! I know you had a killer opening night! Hey, Teej! Love you, Sara.


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