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Funniest Show Ever!!, Apr 23, 2011
reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555
I watched his show and couldn't stop laughing. 5
minutes into the show my boyfriend and I were
dying of laughter. My boyfriend and I were tearing
from the laughter and the cheers he got after the
show was amazing. If you like comedy and want to
laugh a lot, then I definitely recommend watching
his show. Those who think he's not funny must
have no sense of humor. I rated this 5 stars but
I'd give it 100 billion stars if I could. I paid
over $300 to see his show and I'd pay it again to
go watch it. Ghetto Klown will have you laughing
from the minute he walks on the stage.

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Sheese, 2 hours listening to a grown man whine, Mar 16, 2011
reviewer: Unclejoe from New York
C title for a synopsis. Over hyped, who cares about this guys
issues? Better he talks to his friends about this material and
try to present some interesting material, a evenings
entertainment. Not a manboys problems:
with everyone in his life
the biggest which is himself.
A few laughs would have been nice too, even here the
audience is let down.

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Klowning around in Manny Hatty, Mar 09, 2011
reviewer: Proud to have him be on team LATINO! from Hamilton Twp., NJ
Outstanding!! John is real and you can feel it. His life experiences are our pure enjoyment. Being able to laugh at one self is a facet of true self acceptance and John takes it to a whole new level. I recommend this to adults of every age. Being Hispanic, I can sure relate to some of his cultural references. His protrayal of past co-actors and film roles were HYSTERICAL! May he have great success being true to himself. HYSTERICAL AND FANTANSTIC! A MUST SEE!!

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 reviews

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