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The Pirate Queen: The Show that Could Have Been, Feb 19, 2010
reviewer: Alex Karpinski from New Jersey
The show that could have been is what I could call "THE PIRATE QUEEN". For this show has potential beyond imagination. Perhaps it can be done in another version. While I love this show very much, there were times where I felt very bored. The songs, dances and sets wer absolutley magnificent. But the story is very hard to follow. Some shows can be sung through such as "JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT" but "THE PIRATE QUEEN" cannot be sung through. There should have been more dialgue. But I must say that the performers were terrific in their performances. Yes I will say that I had a night to remember. But the show itself needs to be looked at again if has to be performed again.


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Yes !, May 28, 2007
reviewer: Florian Sigmund from Rumeln / Duisburg / Nordrhein - Westfalen / Germany
I`m from Germany and I can`t belive this singing/dancig/acting ! Stafanie J. Block is the star of the night . The music is soooo great . I have other tickets and I will see this fantastic show at the 30th May . :-) And I hope thet Stefanie plays once more !

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fun, May 10, 2007
reviewer: Fan from new jersey
a really fun show, i enjoyed the dancing and the costumes, i would definately reccomend it

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Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!, Apr 28, 2007
reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555
Bought last minute tickets for the show and had perfect seats. The songs/singing were wonderful! The dancing was excellent. The choreography was terriric! And the actors were great! Loved every minute of the show. Would highly recommend it and would go again!

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Sail on oh Pirate Queen, Apr 20, 2007
reviewer: NDR from Rochester, NY
While I do agree that The Pirate Queen could use some additional work (more context i.e. pirating by the pirate queen and more relationship based songs vs. plot songs), I found the show to be beautiful and truly enjoyable. The singing was incredible and the dancing was very cool (although I would have liked to see more of it!).

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