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Brilliant and Lyrical, Apr 26, 2011
reviewer: Teach112457 from New York
Just saw this for the second time. The play is brilliant, a treat
for anyone who loves words. It explores the connections of
art, literature, science, and nature--all within the realm of
human experience. The cast was wonderful, especially Tom
Riley and the always amazing Billy Crudup.

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Not so hot, Mar 29, 2011
reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555
Arcadia it wasn't. I hadn't seen Stoppard before and was put off his using everything he'd glimpsed in the Times Tuesday science section as gloss. The Barrymore stage was too large and the actors, not miced, played heads down to the first 15 in the orchestra. It was a very spotty evening. rrt

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Disappointing, Feb 27, 2011
reviewer: M. Jones from Bronxville NY
It's a good thing we had seen Stoppard's brilliant play before because, sitting in the balcony, we couldn't hear one word said by either Thomasina or Septimus (especially), who sounded as if they had mashed potatoes in their mouths. Otherwise - like many others in the balcony, who left early - we wouldn't have had a clue regarding the delicious plot.

Either the actors need more time to learn how to project and/or there's something amiss at the Barrymore. (The good news is Billy Crudup was terrific.)


Showing 1 to 3 of 3 reviews

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