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Sad Man Sad Entertainment, Jul 25, 2014
reviewer: Bobby Dias from USA
Designed to put the audience into mind of being losers so that the man onstage is the hero of whatever happens. Cannot you be happy so that the cast makes you even happier?!

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Don't Underestimate Your Kids, Jul 13, 2014
reviewer: Elder Price from New York, New York
I'm 13 years old. And honestly, this show isn't anything your middle schooler
hasn't encountered by now. Yes, it's raunchy, and rude, but to a kid, it's hilarious.
For many kids, we understand that this is satire. We get that this show isn't
Yes, there are a boatload of sexual references and f bombs. But honestly, the
kids at school are just as bad. If I were to worry about anything with kids and this
show is that some kids will get the music stuck in their head. But we all have the
sense not to sing Hasa Diga Eebowai in church.
There is violence, but not major. If your kid watches PG13 movies, the violence
isn't too much to handle.
If anything, this show will open up discussion on many issues, such as AIDS,
religion, warfare, and homophobia.
Also, this is an amazing show. It's hilarious, and if doesn't take itself seriously in
any way.
(I've never seen the show live but I listen to the music and have watched the
show online.)
Just make sure your kids don't take to banging on doors and starting a chorus of
Trust me. This is a not to miss show for MATURE kids 11 and older that know
about sex and can take rude and offensive humor. But your kids may feel
uncomfortable seeing this with their parents, so let them know that you think
they are mature enough to see it, and DO NOT make your kids leave. It will only
make them feel like little kids. Letting a kid watch this kind of show will tell them
you know they are growing up and you are ready for them to grow.

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VERY OFFENSIVE, Oct 24, 2013
reviewer: Heather A. from Olympia, WA
I feel that I have to warn people of faith (not mormon faith) that
there is some very offensive humor directed at God and
Christians in this play. I enjoyed the first part of the play
immensely...poking fun at the idiosyncrasies of the mormon
faith...very funny...however, it took a very sharp turn against
faith of any sort and then went vulgar (violence against babies -
yes, babies and women) and kept on going. The parts where
they poked fun at mormonism were what I, good
natured...but I did not expect the vulgarity and utterly offensive
("f*** you God" was the theme) direction the play turned and
never quite came back from...I enjoy irreverence...this was far
beyond irreverent...just a warning... it was a $200+ per ticket

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Worst EVER!, Sep 10, 2013
reviewer: JR from New York, New York
Do not waste your time or money on this show...
Childish and totally non entertaining, we left after 30 minutes which
seemed like a life time.

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I love this show!, Jul 22, 2013
reviewer: Richard from New York, New York
Best new musical I've seen since Wicked

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