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Worst ever!, Mar 12, 2007
reviewer: T. Aultman from Conway, AR USA
I "thought" I was a fan of Martin Short until I recently went to see him in his Broadway show. I have NEVER been so blown away by outright blasphemy in my life!!!
If you claim to love God, this show is NOT for you. Mr. Short goes way over the top in making fun of faith and family.
There are some things in life that should be made fun of, and some things should never be touched. Mr. Short, I was great dissappointed and now find myself that even when one of your movies comes on TV I change channels.
I was greatly offended as were the others of us that left the theater long before the show was over. There were seven in our group that left and I noticed we were not the only ones leaving.
It was definitely the biggest waste of time and money on our trip to NYC.

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It was good but not as good as I thought from reviews, Dec 18, 2006
reviewer: Sarah from Illinois
There were scenes that were funny but over all just okay.

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Brilliant, Oct 09, 2006
reviewer: Abbadei from Norway
Funny and talented it just blew me away and i am not a musical
theatre man

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my 15 minutes of fame, Oct 06, 2006
reviewer: from new jersey
my daughter and i went to see Mr Short this past weds. matinee..i've been a fan since his sctv days and thought he did a great job on law and order really scarey ...we thoughly enjoy the play and cast ...i'm the jaguar dealer who got to go up on stage and get interviewed by glick...highly recommend it great show...


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I knew it would be good; it beat my expectations. . ., Sep 26, 2006
reviewer: A Theater Lover from Massachusetts
. . . and was great. Marty is a standout and his cast of players could each star in their own "one person show." The writing is cleaver and witty and Short's delivery is tops. It is a comfortable show in that you feel at ease to roar with laughter. Colin Quinn was Glick's guest at Saturday's performance. He seemed to have as much fun as the audience.
Stage door fans who waited to meet Marty and the cast were not disappoined. Short was gracious and patiently signed autographs and posed for pictures. The show is a physical one and must take its toll on the cast, yet they welcomed the applause at the stage door. I have seen many other Broadway performers with less fame avoid the attention of the fans.
I know some theatergoers feel that a one-man show doesn't pack the enjoyment that the full-blown musical does. This show will change your mind. Marty closes at the end of the year. A trip to see his show would make a great holiday gift.
Marty, fame DOES become you!!

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