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Parents Beware! , Nov 28, 2015
reviewer: Anonymous from Nashville, Tennessee
We took a family vacation to Nashville in hopes of creating a magical Christmas holiday. Little did we know that this show would destroy the magic of Christmas for our two boys. This show has a scene that reveals that parents are actually Santa. In the middle of the show my child said "You are really Santa?".This show took away the magic of Santa for my kids.


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Delightful and Great Fun!, Dec 29, 2013
reviewer: Desiree from San Antonio, Texas
The characters, costumes, and sets were captivating!! This performamce is
ageless! We attended the performance with my parents, who are
in their 80s and they laughed all the way through the show. Having the story
narrated by Max, the dog, was unusually entertaining! This show provided a
nice alternative to seeing the Nutcracker again this year!


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Great play, Dec 29, 2012
reviewer: Anonymous from Detroit, Michigan
We took our son and granddaughter to this play as a Christmas gift. She loved it and we loved it. It was a great time! The cast was excellent.

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The worst!, Dec 25, 2012
reviewer: Ron Buckbee from New York, New York
This show was HORRIBLE. It is, without a doubt, the worst live
performance I have ever seen. I would sit through Tarzan (the 2nd
worst live show I have ever seen) a 100 times before I would watch
this mess again. The musical score is forgettable as are the sets.
The elder dog character is poorly done. I could not believe the
amount of people that were complaining about the show upon its
completion. People were walking out and my 6 year old begged to
leave. What a mess! I would not recommend this show to anyone.
Great dinner at Becco afterwards though.

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I'd take the seasick crocodile..., Dec 20, 2012
reviewer: Ethan from New York, New York
This was a first for me- I've never walked out of a play 20
min in before. I hate when "it's for kids" becomes an
excuse for doing a piss-poor job at something. They
butchered the story- went way off from any grinch story
line I know- and rewrote it so carelessly even the 4 year old
next to me heckled "thats not how the grinch goes!". The
musical numbers reminded me of the snl skit where Fred
Armiston and Kristen Wig are supposed to be musicians but
it is obvious they are making up the lyrics as they go.. Max
the dog narrates as an old dog, with plenty of scenes where
he duets with a younger version of himself- suddenly we
are in a bad tribute to time cop (only segal was a better
actor than the dog). We were bored and pissed, the kids
were bored and not interested, and even they knew this
was a hack job. My advice? Find a high school performance
of a christmas carol and save the $.

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