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Rumer Willis blew me away, Oct 04, 2015
reviewer: Anonymous from New York, New York
OK - every single person in the cast blew me away. After all these years I finally saw Chicago. What a show! Go see it, go see it, go see it. It's thoroughly
entertaining. I knew nothing about Rumer Willis, only that she's the daughter of Bruce and Demi. I think she's exceptional. Can I say that I think she
reminds me of a young Bernadette Peters? (Please don't hit me Bernadette) Who knew this young woman was so talented? I think she (Ms. Willis) might bring a
whole new audience to the theatre.

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Better than Heaven!, May 13, 2014
reviewer: Steve Delaney from Wales-United Kingdom
This was the 22nd time i have seen this masterpiece of theatre and it certainly wont be the last!!!
Sheer MAGIC.
If you dont go to see this, you have never lived.


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Chicago Disapoints, Mar 14, 2014
reviewer: Disapointed in NY from New York, New York
Was very disapointed with the show, lack of costume change, no backdrops, band on stage. It made for disapointing birthday night! I wished I would have read the reviews before attending the show, I would have picked something else to see. It was not worth the money or my time.

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LOVED Chicago at the Ambassador, Aug 23, 2013
reviewer: R&R from PA
I LOVED the play Chicago at the Ambassador Theatre !
The Theatre was lovely... I was sitting in the back
but still felt the seats were great. The production
was very, very good . The acting, singing, and
dancing were beyond fantastic. I would highly
recommend it.

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Friendly Staff, Nov 10, 2012
reviewer: Jodi Reilly from Clermont, FL
We saw Chicago in NY and the staff at the theater
were very friendly and helpful. I had my mom with me
and she was in a wheelchair, we had to go in the
back door and they helped us to our seats. They even
came back after the show to see if they could help
us. And made sure that they stayed with us so they
could get us back out the door.

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