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Now I get it! Couldn't be more entertained by a lesson, May 04, 2010
reviewer: Liz Hovey from New York, NY
When the Enron debacle was undfolding, I couldn't grasp what was going on. This show, amazingly, gives just enough information to make all the pieces I didn't get fit together. Even more amazing, it shows the underlying feelings, patterns and failures with fabulous choreography and staging. This is exactly the kind of thing we all need to understand better if we are going to keep the so-called experts from ripping us off every 8 years! I saw it opening night and can't wait to go back.

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Waste of time and money, Apr 27, 2010
reviewer: Peter S. from Forest Hills, NY
This show will likely open to rave reviews because the critics MUST verify an Olivier Award. I say don't waste your time and money on this overblown, overproduced spectacle about despicable people laughing at you from their
high-finance thrones right up to the finale when the self-appointed smartest guy in the world continues to thumb his nose at everyone else even as he marches off to jail (as his lawyers start the appeal process).
Search out the far superior documentary film of 2005 "The Smartest Guys in the Room" which strips away all the circus on stage in this current version.


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LOVED it!, Apr 27, 2010
reviewer: Jonny from New York, NY
Saw it in previews and going again to Opening Night. I LOVED it! The most original show on Broadway this season-
A great adaptation of the story of Enron and the hubris of Jeff Skilling. Lots of Drama, Lots of spectacle. A great show.

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Lots of action but flat, Apr 23, 2010
reviewer: Andrew Dalsimer from New York, NY
Saw show in preview. It has a lot of stagecraft and tells the story of Enron's collapse in comprehensible way yet it leaves one unmoved by the magnitude of the actual destruction that was caused. The characters are more cartoons than real. The satire is more cute than biting. Like Enron there is less here than meets the eye.

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Absolutely brilliant!, Apr 16, 2010
reviewer: A from New York, NY
Saw this in previews, and couldn't believe just how entertaining it is! I'd say it's a must see on Broadway this season.

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