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eating during the performance, Aug 12, 2010
reviewer: Dale winell from green brook new jersey
performance was disturbed by a woman sitting next to me eating
popcorn which she stated is allowed since "snacks" are permitted.
tickets cost $126.50 and this is unacceptable for the theater to sell
"snacks" which can be brought into the theater. What has this
country deteriorated to when selling snacks becomes more
important than the audience pleasure. who needs to eat or drink
during a performance? How offensive to the artists performing? I
will never attend another show in this theater unless this practice

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Disgusted and annoyed, Jun 14, 2010
reviewer: XX from NJ
Mixed review of this show. One act towards the end was horribly pornographic - one of the dancers was actually feeling herself up while the other dancers were dry humping one another - absolutely disgusting - Mr. Sinatra must be rolling over in his grave - God Bless him. the best part was the last 2 songs - My Way & New York New York - you felt Frank there himself. That last 10 minutes made it all - but that was all there was. otherwise is was disturbing to watch. Stop selling SEx and just dance - sing - do something. If I wanted to watch an untalented porno, I would've stayed home for $5 - not gone to NYC for $125. Poor Poor Frank!

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come fly away, Jun 06, 2010
reviewer: Isabelle from NYC
If you are a big fan of Sinatra music you will like the music is as if old blue eyes is there singing. The sound is fantastic!! The dancing is good but the story was bla!! I have seen Moving Out by Tharp and was inpressed with the music as well as the story told in dance. Come fly Away was average by Broadway standards!!

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Love Sinatra, Love Twyla, Loved Come Fly Away, May 18, 2010
reviewer: Anonymous from New York
If you love listening to Sinatra and watching Twyla Tharp you will adore this show. I smiled from the first minute to the last. Frank can't be surpassed and the choreagraphy was sophisticated and gorgeous. What a treat. I'm going again!!

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Boring and disappointing., Mar 26, 2010
reviewer: Andrea Lee from New York
My friends and I were so excited about this "musical" when we
got our tickets! However, it was not a true musical in the sense
that there is barely any live singing. Going to Broadway in New
York, you'd at least expect a live male singer singing Sinatra's
songs. Sadly, that wasn't the case. Instead, Frank Sinatra's voice
was merely dubbed over a live band. The dancing was
incredible at first but got boring after the first couple songs.
The choreography was extremely repetitive and the dancers for
the most part weren't together at all. The dancers were all great
as individual performers but group dances were all over the
place. The costumes and set also rarely change further adding
to the unvaried aspects of the production.

The friends I was with fell asleep multiple times during the show
and during intermission, the chatter in the bathroom line was
mostly about how (and I quote) "boring" the show was.

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