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delicious lines to remember, Mar 20, 2010
reviewer: Douglas from Brooklyn Heights, NYC
This was a great way to spend the afternoon - getting to know some very unforgettable lines and raunchy humor from a bygone character.
Valerie Harper really nails this role, and I'd recommend it to anybody over the age of 18 (only restricted to adults thanks to the frequency of four-lettered words, etc.).

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reviewer: Lou from NYC
Beginning with an outstanding portrayal by Valerie Harper and continuing with superb direction, one is never bored with this wonderful evening of theatre. Leave the children at home and go have a great time at LOOPED!

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reviewer: A.J. Kennedy from Fort Lauderdale, FL
This production is great! The writing is hilarious and Valerie Harper was born to play this role.

The two male actors, Brian Hutchison and Michael Mulheren, have wonderful acting "chops" and turned what could have been a one woman show into a true ensemble production.

It's a must see! (And to hear "Rhoda" drop the F-bomb 889 times is worth the price of a ticket alone.)


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Worth a Look, Mar 07, 2010
reviewer: Judy Clare from PA
Valerie Harper is quite good. She captures the
character of Tallulah and her delivery is great.
The script is full of terrific one liners, but the
story line is a little choppy. The length of the
show is perfect and the theater is old and classic. Don't reserve balcony seats. They're awful.

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