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Excellent, Jan 26, 2012
reviewer: Shareese S. from Farmingdale, NY
Simply Excellent!! This show is worth double the ticket price...I will be back to see it again..this time with the whole family!!

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I can't stop banging on things, Oct 01, 2009
reviewer: Drummer for life from Detroit
When I bought my first set of drumsticks in 4th grade little did I know that once I started banging on things I would never be able to stop... ever! Books, walls, furniture, fences, tree trunks, light poles, I banged on everything and anything. I became a lifelong drummer of sorts. So when a good friend of mine brought me to see Stomp back in 1997 I was so completely energized that I bought new drumsticks and picked up where I left off, banging on lamps, table tops, poking a stick through the occasional screen door. Stomp is that kind of experience. It awakens the primal urge to be in step, in time, in tune with the world around you. If you're a born toe-tapper, leg slapper, finger snapper... Stomp is for you.

Showing 1 to 2 of 2 reviews

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