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Hottest feet on broadway, Jul 24, 2006
reviewer: Heart and soul from NYC
I went to the final show of Hot Feet having seen also the previews. I loved the energy of the show, the music, the story line and especially the dancers.
Sorry to see Duanne Lee Holland out of the last performance as he was amazing- especially when he leapt off the stage with space suit and dreadlocks standing out of his space helmet-
A very refreshing and entertaining musical that really matched the energy and life of broadway and did more than that. Hats off to the choreographers and all the dancers. Hope they return real soon.

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WOW, May 07, 2006
reviewer: Katie from NY
Wow. I saw hot feet 2 times and i wouldn't mind going to see it agian. The dancing is amazing. And the songs are amazing. Everyone can dance! It's based on the Red shoes, it has a good story!! It has a amazing twist and i love the (Devil)!!!

54 of 101 people found the following review helpful: gone!, May 02, 2006
reviewer: J. Blake from MA
Let me first say that I've NEVER understood how a critic can have so much perceived "power" when it comes to B'Way shows. I find it quite patronizing that a single (usually frustrated performer) person thinks his/her opinion about a show is the last word.

I had the pleasure of attending the NYC opening of Hot Feet on April 30th and it was INCREDIBLE! The choreography is amazing (Hines) and the music is timeless (EWF and Maurice White). Never has Broadway seen dancing like the dancing in this show!

This show will leave the viewer with a the feeling that the price of admission was well worth the show! Do yourself the favor of seeing this show! It's a MUST SEE!

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Wonderful Performance, May 02, 2006
reviewer: Shannon from Philadelphia,PA
While I agree with previous comments that the show may not be for younger viewers, I think Hot Feet was a delightful show that taught wonderful lessons-listen to your mother was one of them. I thought the dance numbers were lively and the costumes were eye-catching. I think everyone should see it.


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Awful! Save your money and time!, May 01, 2006
reviewer: Denise Holland from New York
I can't believe that some people found this show to be
fabulous! It was awful! Nixon, who plays the lead, can not
sing, is just an ok dancer, and her acting is merely so-so.
The story is boring and predictable. The dancing is ok, but
doesn't quite fit the less than appealing story. I give this
less than a year on Broadway. It lacks the professionalism
of most Broadway shows, and it fails to inspire. Please, take
this off of Broadway and put it on a cruise ship where it

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