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Moved beyond words, Dec 30, 2009
reviewer: Brenda Allen from Celebration, Florida
I have been an English teacher for 34 years (so you can imagine the intense relationship I have had with Hamlet!!), but I can honestly say that I have never been as moved by a live performance as I was by that of Jude Law. The minute I saw that he was to perform Hamlet at your theater, I purchased tickets. I planned my entire Thanksgiving vacation around that day. It went beyond my wildest dreams. As his heart broke, so did mine. When he wept, so did I. The performance that Mr. Law did was so real, so authentic, so perfect to Shakespeare. It will be with me for the rest of my life. Please send him my most sincere thank you.


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Jude's Delicious Thanksgiving, Nov 30, 2009
reviewer: Jojofromrichmond from Nellysford, VA USA
Mr. Law devoured the boards one at a time like a tasty feast, with a physicality that was mesmerizing. Is it possible for hair to act? All right, I am a Jude Law fan, and no particular scholar of the Bard, but for one night was transported to Elsinore and the lure of its secrets and duplicity. The cast danced the noble dance with Hamlet, but ultimately, t'was the Prince of Denmark who brought emotions to the brink. Woe is me!

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Very disappointing and boring!, Nov 30, 2009
reviewer: Tammy from Connecticut, USA
Just saw this show on Saturday and what a disappointment! Spoken in Old English and very hard to understand or follow. The Broadhurst theater is very tight with very small seats and the row in front of you hits your knees. I am a small person at 5 feet and 130 pounds. I dont know how someone who is bigger would fit. The theater was freezing! at intermission they have the whole theater go down to the basement to attempt to use the bathroom in 15 minutes. It was like hearding cattle and the line was so long there was no way everyone was able to use the bathroom in that time after they pump everyone with drinks. Jude was good but the performance was extremely boring and long. I was falling asleep and so was my boyfriend. We were both very disappointed after spending a lot of money on these tickets-you would expect to at least be comfortable in the theater. The staff is rude constantly yelling about cell phones being on-we get it-NO CELL PHONES!

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A Two-Man Show -- Jude Law and Shakespeare, Oct 03, 2009
reviewer: Yvonne Korshak from New York City
Jude Law is a brilliant, youthful, athletic and intensely responsive Hamlet -- he brings a new dimension to the role. The rest of the cast is a mainly just competent with some less than that. See it for Law and Shakespeare!

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Boring, unevenly acted, too long, Sep 28, 2009
reviewer: Dianne Hunter from West Hartford, CT, USA
Jude Law delivers the rogue and peasant slave soliloquy well,
but he does the first soliloquy as though he is teaching it to the
audience. Eyre is good as the ghost; and Ron Cook
energetically performs Polonius and the First Grave digger.
The performer of Gertrude is impressive through to the closet
scene, but uninteresting after that. The performer of Ophelia is
badly in need of voice training. The performer of Claudius is
dull. After Hamlet's return from his sea voyage, the play limps
to a dull conclusion, poorly directed and weakly performed.

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