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BEYOND, May 25, 2006
reviewer: Jean Racine from NYC/LADBROKE GROVE/PARIS
Hunter Thompson would have enjoyed this play.
He would have enjoyed this tender yet brutal exposistion of
the human condition.
There are few writers that can summon up the devlish
contradictions of this, this state we call life... and yet, here in
front of our very eyes, a glimmer of truth.
So we take it to the frontline, and summon up our strength.
For strength and love and undying generosity is what is
required in these days.
as Bob Dylan said
It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Dying.
as Racine said -
"You're A Good Man, Sister"

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Ralph Fiennes is hot, May 25, 2006
reviewer: Jean Racine from Paris/NYC
Ralph is hot.

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Breathtaking!, Apr 28, 2006
reviewer: Carole Smith from Moorestown, New Jersey
The Booth Theatre is the perfect venue to enjoy Brian Friel's
intimate play Faith Healer. From the moment the curtains
swish stage right to reveal a dark figure in long coat, hat
and scarf, the tension builds. As Ralph Fiennes speaks, he
does a slow striptease to reveal Francis Hardy, the Faith
Healer. We, the audience , are audibly breathless, not a
sound is heard! Cherry Jones as Grace, renders us weak
with mourning and regret as she recalls her years with the
Faith Healer. The smoke from her cigarettes are clouds of
sadness that float over the stage. Ian McDiarmid as Teddy,
bathed in a warm honey light, mesmerizes with his
recollection of life on the road with Frank. Ralph Fiennes
beautifully concludes the monologues with explanation for
all of the questions and angst. Or does he? Truly a play to
be remembered forever.

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Irish magic, Apr 27, 2006
reviewer: Gordon Fagin from USA
What an amazing play, and such a beautiful production. The acting is some of the best on Broadway and if you can get a ticket it is well worth seeing.
Having said that, it is a play in which demands you to listen , but the rewards are truely wonderful.
I wish the production every sussess!!

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Fienne Performances by All, Apr 27, 2006
reviewer: Anonymous from Emerald Hills, CA USA
It was magic.
Faith Healer is a dark sad Irish tale brilliantly acted by Ralph Fiennes, Cherry Jones, & Ian McDiarmid. It is uplifting only in that the characters achieve some closure by the end of the play. (Or maybe I achieved closure.......) I would like to see it again.

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