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Was more than a show......, Apr 09, 2010
reviewer: Bridget from Western Canada was an experience. If you are fundamentally religious or have extreme right wing views - this show may not be for you. If you love great music, wonderful characters, a moving story and a high energy - run, don't walk to see this show.

We've seen many shows - but this is the only one that had us buying up all of the merchandise we could - seeking youtube clips, googling any bit of information on the show that we could.

Months later, we still think about this experience every day.

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PURE MAGIC !!!, Feb 23, 2010
reviewer: Allyson Forsythe from NYC, NY
The Broadway revival cast of "HAIR" shine like a rising sun that gives light to a new dawn. It is truly a magical experience!

In my professional opinion, only 3 men have ever played Berger right.... Gerome Ragni, Treat Williams, and WILL SWENSON.... Swenson gives new life to the character in a way that is as brilliant as the spark of a thousand gleaming diamonds! He should've won the Tony for this performance.

Go see "HAIR".... tune in, drop out, love them all.... You will not be disappointed !!!


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Simply Amazing, Dec 04, 2009
reviewer: Anonymous from Rayland, OH
Hair is like no other musical. Its content is highly interactive, and extremely relevent to society today. The sociopolitical scheme as well as the intertwining of the personal lives of the characters is done in a sublime fashion. The cast is beyond talented; it seems as though they are the hippies of Hair while watching it. They encourage audience members to dance on stage at the end of the show, which was mind-blowing. The entire aura of the theatre feels free and lucid. While not particularly a child's play, it is indeed ingenius.

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"Hair" is the ultimate theatrical experience!, Nov 09, 2009
reviewer: BobsViews from NJ
"Hair" is the only show that I’ve ever seen that felt like an experience. The cast aka The Tribe is excellent, the production is fantastic and the songs sound better then ever. The shows themes (Sex, War, Drugs, Race) are as relevant today as they were forty years ago. The best part is the bond that the Tribe forms with the audience. It resonates with everyone long after they’ve left the theater. I urge all theatergoers to order tickets, participate in the show and dance in the finale. You will never forget the "Hair" experience.

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