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Where is H. L. Mencken when we need him?, May 05, 2011
reviewer: Theater snob from Los Angeles
I would say that the play was "very disappointing" if I hadn't previously seen "Art" by the same author which I remember as "disappointing." I think Reza is amongst the most overrrated playwrights I've seen in at least a decade (and I've seen a lot).The play was essentially a French version of the four stooges, with requisite vomiting, chasing, screaming, and over-the-top "laugh lines." (At least the original 3 Stooges did not show any pretension of sharp, trenchant social criticism...I don't think.) I thought the play was neither funny (though most of the audience seemed to think that every syllable was hilarious) nor insightful (human pretensions of civility are a pretty easy mark). It was hard to judge the actors, most of whom I've liked in other plays and movies, because the material was so over-the-top. I'm sure that most people would love the play, but then most people love Phantom, Neil Simon, Oprah, and other dreck. H. L. Mencken would feel so vindicated.

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Real Life, Jan 15, 2010
reviewer: Anonymous from New York, New York
The actors were unbelievable; the timing perfect. The talent that can make an audience feel every awkward moment; silence as powerful as words. An incomparable experienceWe are all reminded that a small issue can become a real fracas if we permit it.
On a lighter note, my husband is thrilled that Jimmy Smits wears Gold Toe socks also. He's walking taller!

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Great Cast And show, and Great Customer Service!, Oct 24, 2009
reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555
My girl friend and I purchased tickets for the show on the internet and when we printed them out the night before the performance (10/21), we discovered they were for the Wednesday (10/14) before we arrived in NYC. With the help of Telecharge and the two managers at the Bernard Jacobs Theatre (Billy Mitchell and the wonderful lady who managed on Thursday night, 10/22, we were seated very close to the original seats we had purchased.

Feeling very lucky and highly elated, we were totally taken with the performance we saw. It was exceptional. The only problem was that we wanted it to last longer.

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Fantastic, Apr 06, 2009
reviewer: Richie from Boston
Saw God of Carnage on April 4th and it was simply the best show I've seen on Broadway in years. I still haven't stopped laughing. The actors were so sharp and together with this piece that it was unbelievably real and my wife and I looked at each other a few times when we recognised a few scenes from our own lives!


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