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reviewer: Tiffany Sosa from New York, New York
Oh my god what can't I say about this show? That would be shorter. I am a full
blown New Yorker, 29 yrs young and I don't think I have ever watched
something so mind blowing in my life. I love to travel and watch all types
of shows but this tops them all, only due to the dramatically different
scenes throughout the whole experience. My fiancé and I went to see
the show last night 11/24/15, and I'm sure everyone I come in contact with for
the next couple of weeks maybe even months I will be telling them,this is a must
see. From the interactive audience experience to the loud skeptical music, the
sexual lows, the drums you feel as a heart beat, to bringing the outside rain
and wind in, it's all exciting, heart-stirring, heart-stopping, impressive,
magnificent, moving, it's all AMAZINGLY BREATHTAKING! Bravo to all
of the performers last night. You guys and gals made me feel... ALIVE! God bless
and I wish you a future of sold out shows. And yes my mother would love this


Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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