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NO WORDS, Apr 23, 2015
reviewer: Anonymous from New York, New York
that's how amazing it is!!!!!!!

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Very disappointed, Sep 08, 2014
reviewer: Anonymous from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Love the original but this one makes a mockery of the work. The voices were just noise...could not understand a word.


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Thrilling Production!, Aug 17, 2014
reviewer: Rebecca E. from Dallas, Texas
I took my 87 year old mother to see this show (my second time, her first time)
and we were both thrilled! A wonderful production. My mother was awe-struck
and we both promised to see it again when it comes back in 2016.

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Hit & Miss, Aug 14, 2014
reviewer: William T. from Dallas, Texas
I've only seen one other production of this show, many years ago, & all I recall was that it was a bit of an anti-climax. I admit to having been spoiled by the original cast recording, and Michael Crawford 's
Phantom is a hard act to follow. This was a decent enough production, but there were some changes that I didn't care for. The "Masquerade" sequence had no grand staircase, no exotic masqueraders and
the Phantom's "Red Death" was not represented in the traditional way. Cooper Grodin's Phantom left me somewhat cold. He was trying too hard to be dark & menacing, & was lacking as a "sympathetic"
Phantom, which is essential to the character. Some of his gestures were reminiscent of John Barrymore, amusingly enough. The singing from most of the principals sounded too "American"...Too many
harsh "R's" and such. There were subtle-but-noticeable changes in libretto & stage direction which were disappointing to anyone who knows the show well. Overall, very good, but not great.

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Disappointed , Aug 13, 2014
reviewer: Anonymous from Dallas, Texas
Have seen Phantom every time it came to Dallas. Saw Crawford in LA. Seen Phantom all over the US.I HATED THIS PRODUCTION!. Has the director never seen Phantom? Do the actors not know the words? We do damnit and we know each inflection on every word. They hit 25% of them correctly. NO EMOTION! For God's sake this is a love story. NO boat on the lake , no rising chandeliers. They were 5 feet apart when Phantom says, "turn your head away..". He wasn't close to her the entire time. If you want to see Vinnie Barbarino play Phantom in high school, this is the play for you. There are so many key things changed or removed from this play, it's not worth going to see if you have ANY memories of a real Phantom performance.
The orchestra was superb. Missed only one trumpet note. The sound quality was worse than a high school musical. Phantom's opening number in his lair is pathetic. If I came home and found my wife in bed with another man, I'd still be less pissed than I am now.

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